Days 8 & 9 of Ten Day Trunk Challenge

Happy first day of November!! How was your guys Halloween?

I dressed up as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland this year. It was a really fun costume to put together! I made the cat ears, tail, and of corse the famous Cheshire Cat smile. 🙂


I still found time to do my elephant art work though!



The one that I did yesterday, ^ I actually used the exact same water colors that I used for the previous elephant water color painting! It’s pretty cool how you can use the same colors, but have a totally different effect. Just by using more or less water, a little bit more or a little bit less color.


For todays art, I decided to throw a little African, into my African forest elephant! 🙂

Did you know that there are three kinds of elephants? The Asian elephant, the African forest elephant, and the African savanna elephant. Asian elephants have the smallest of ears of the three, and rarely have tusks. African forest elephants are the smallest elephants, they have long, pink tusks. African savanna elephants are the biggest of the three, and they have long white tusks.

So there is a little bit of elephant knowledge for you. 🙂 Hope you found to interesting!

Once again, happy first day of November. And I’ll talk to y’ll later! Bye!


Days 6 & 7 of Ten Day Trunk Challenge

I am super excited about these latest elephant pictures! Mainly because I was wild and crazy, and used different of types of material!


This one here ^ , I first drew on plan paper. Then I cut it out and glued it to a paint sample chip from Home Depot. After that I thought I was done, but there was just something missing. And then it hit me; Glitter!! I then proceeded to get glitter all over everything in the house. (I mean EVERYTHING. My desk, the floor, my clothes, our dinner, the hallway floor, the kitchen floor, you get the idea.) 🙂 But in the end I am really happy with it! (I am still finding glitter everywhere. Ha ha ha.)


And the one I did today ^, I used water color! I used to really be into water color, but I haven’t used it so much lately. The other day however, my mom and I took a water color class together. And it reminded me how much fun it is to paint with water colors! So I decided to do an elephant with water color. I am getting very good at the actual drawing of the elephant. So it’s been good for me to try different ways of making each one different. 🙂

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Are any of you dressing up? If so, what as? I will post a picture of my costume tomorrow. 🙂  Leave a comment of fun Halloween things you like to do!

Talk to you guys later! ❤

Days 4 & 5 of Ten day Trunk Challenge

My mind is going completely blank on what to write about today. So, I think todays post will be mostly pictures that I’ve drawn over the past few days. 🙂



It’s kind of a funny story; when I was about 90% of the way done with this ^ picture, I was not liking it AT ALL! But now, I am thinking that it is one of my favorites! It’s amazing what just a few finishing touches can do. 🙂 


As you can see, I didn’t quite have my whole heart and soul in this picture. It’s funny how some days I really get into what I am doing, and other days it’s just like eh, whatever. 

But, the point of this challenge was not to create a “masterpiece” every day for ten days. It is just suppose to get me to drawing an elephant every day! Not all art have to be a masterpiece. A lot of the time it’s just nice to know that you did it. 🙂

P.S. Because of the pen I was using to color in the second picture, the side of my hand is striped yellow, blue, and red. 🙂 Ah, the life of a creative person. 😀

Days 2 and 3 of Ten day Trunk Challenge

This challenge this has been super fun! As must as I love to do art, I never seam to have “enough time”. (Yeah, you know what I mean.) 😉 But with this art challenge, it’s forcing me to MAKE time. The other day for example; I was out of town all day. So, while my mom was driving, I was drawing! Image

Not bad for being drawn on the road! 🙂 (I colored it in when we go home in the evening.)

It feels so good just to sit down and do art. And I really think that having a blog is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Because you can say to yourself “I will draw every day for ten days.” and give up after day two. Because you think “Oh, nobody will notice if I don’t do it today.” and then the next thing you know, ten days have gone by and you only have two picture. Which is still a terrific accomplishment if you’ve never drawn before. But, it’s always nice to finish what you start out to do.


I did this one ^ out of crayons! See, you don’t have to have “high-end, super-duper-cool, fancy-schmancy” materials to do art. A #2 pencil and a box of crayons will do just fine!

Well, I hope you guys are enjoying this creative journey as much as I am!

Hope you have a great rest of your day! See ya later alligators! 😀

Ten Trunks in Ten Days

I have decided to give myself a creative challenge. For the next ten days, I will create ten images (drawing, painting, oils, etc) of elephants! Or, what I called elephants when I was little, because I couldn’t pronounce the word elephant,  “trunks”. 🙂 



Elephants have been one of my favorite animals since I was a little. My mom used to take me to a zoo, pretty close to our house at the time, and we would go and actually ride the elephants! And even now, if we go to a zoo, the first thing I look for are the elephants!

But seriously, what little kid can say the word “elephant”? So, in the eyes of a child, what is an elephants most outstanding feature? Its trunk!



The name of this blog, “Heidis Art Trunk” has several meanings. The first one being; trunks (aka elephants) are one of my favorite animals! (The other meanings are not related to this post and will described as they come up.) 🙂 


P.S. Dolphins, cheetah, dogs, and owls are my other favorite animals. 🙂 

Finding beauty in the everyday

This post is inspired by a comment that was written yesterday by a fellow blogger right here on this blog.

“Art surrounds us in every aspect of our lives.” JuneMaddox 

And I was just thing how true that is.

The photo above is one that I took a few weeks ago. I was really just playing round with the zoom on my camera. (I am very easily amused. 🙂 ) Anyway, I never really realized just how cute the little figures are. The boy and girl play their musical instruments, and then the bird just sitting there, singing along. Something that I have seen thousands of times. But not until I took this picture, that I realized just how sweet the whole this is.

Recap of the renaissance fair & the art behind it.

The renaissance fair I went to yesterday was SO much fun! I would recommend going to a renaissance fair at least once. It’s not for all people I must say. There is a lot of just walking around and mindless shopping. But it’s so amazing to see all of the beautiful costumes. The people there really get into character. Lots of “old english” being spoken. 🙂


As you can see, most everyone is in costume. There where pirates, royally, jokers, gypsies, fairies, towns people, knights, Celtics, elves, and there was even a baby dressed up as the most adorable dragon ever! There are a few people in just “normal cloths”. It’s funny how when you are at a renaissance fair and everyone is dressed up, how the people in “normal cloths” stand out. 🙂


And yes, there was actual jousting. (Little bit different then the picture I drew in the previous post.)  🙂 It was all rehearsed, so no body was hurt. But it was still super cool to watch!

The whole fair was really just one big pice of art. The art of dressing up. The art of talking old english. The art of acting old english. The artist skill of each and every booth selling there goods. The art of horse back riding. Even the art of food! All of that put together equaled the renaissance fair picture. And it was amazing!