Beauty in Your Own Back Yard

The other day I was sitting in my back yard, not really doing anything, just sitting and thinking. Not too exciting right? Well, I happened to have me phone (which has a camera on it) with me. So, I decided to start taking pictures. Not because I saw something and thought that it deserved a picture. But mainly because I was board and taking pictures sounded like fun. Well, I got a bit of a surprise! I started taking pictures from different angles, and in the process, discovered that  just by doing a different angle, you can get some really cool pictures! (And just so you know I, didn’t edit any of these.)

 For this one, I simple held my phone super close to the ground, pointed the camera up, and took the picture.

 When I was taking is one, I was actually laying on the ground, looking out over our pool.

 Same as the one above, I was laying on the ground when I took this picture. The only thing different is that I flipped over.

Pretty neat I think! 🙂


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