More Fun with Makeup!

Hey guys!

A few days ago I posted about the amazing art of makeup. Within that post, I added a picture that I had found on Pinterest of some Avenger inspired eye makeup. Well, the other day one of my friends and I actually sat down and did some of the looks on each other!

 Captain America


 Iron Man




 The Black Widow



We had SO much fun doing them! It took quite a bit of makeup remover to get it all off, but it was so totally worth it!

I’m not sure why, but I am really enjoying watching all of the Avenger movies. I’m not usually and action movie fan. Too much fighting, not enough (or any) story line. But the Avengers are different than most action movies. (Except for Thor, which, if it wasn’t for the fact that the main actor is kinda gorgeous, would be a kind of lame movie.)

What are some of your favorite movies? I am always on the look out for good movies to see. Please feel free to leave a comment!

Hope you all have an awesome beginning of your week!



One thought on “More Fun with Makeup!

  1. Strangely enough, I think I like the “Hulk” look the best. Though I don’t recall Hulk ever looking that good!

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