Art with Words

Most people have heard of calligraphy before. Basically, it’s the art of making letters pretty.

For example:

I had to borrow this picture from Pinterest because I personally have a very hard time with this particular style of writing. It’s a little to precise I think for my brain. Ha ha ha. 🙂

But there are other ways of making letters pretty! Some more ‘think outside of the box’ ones.

Here are some of mine. 🙂


I guess pretty isn’t the right word. Cool, fun, wild-and-crazy, would probably be better words to describe mine. 🙂

What I have done above ^ is called ‘letter art’.

A few years ago I was really into letter art. I haven’t really done much of it lately. But I found these pictures in one of my old sketch books and thought that they looks pretty cool!

It’s so cool how you can take something basic, like the alphabet, and turn it into art! Just by using some different colors, or different style or writing.


One thought on “Art with Words

  1. Just goes to show, “art” can be part of your everyday life. Shopping list? To-do list? Make them colorful, fun, unique!

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