Days 6 & 7 of Ten Day Trunk Challenge

I am super excited about these latest elephant pictures! Mainly because I was wild and crazy, and used different of types of material!


This one here ^ , I first drew on plan paper. Then I cut it out and glued it to a paint sample chip from Home Depot. After that I thought I was done, but there was just something missing. And then it hit me; Glitter!! I then proceeded to get glitter all over everything in the house. (I mean EVERYTHING. My desk, the floor, my clothes, our dinner, the hallway floor, the kitchen floor, you get the idea.) 🙂 But in the end I am really happy with it! (I am still finding glitter everywhere. Ha ha ha.)


And the one I did today ^, I used water color! I used to really be into water color, but I haven’t used it so much lately. The other day however, my mom and I took a water color class together. And it reminded me how much fun it is to paint with water colors! So I decided to do an elephant with water color. I am getting very good at the actual drawing of the elephant. So it’s been good for me to try different ways of making each one different. 🙂

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Are any of you dressing up? If so, what as? I will post a picture of my costume tomorrow. 🙂  Leave a comment of fun Halloween things you like to do!

Talk to you guys later! ❤


2 thoughts on “Days 6 & 7 of Ten Day Trunk Challenge

  1. Now that you mention it, there IS glitter all over the green-room floor! It’s worth it though, cuz I love your “crazy” elephant. Love the watercolor too. It’s great that you’re “mixing it up” and doing the “trunks” with different media.

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