Ten Trunks in Ten Days

I have decided to give myself a creative challenge. For the next ten days, I will create ten images (drawing, painting, oils, etc) of elephants! Or, what I called elephants when I was little, because I couldn’t pronounce the word elephant,  “trunks”. 🙂 



Elephants have been one of my favorite animals since I was a little. My mom used to take me to a zoo, pretty close to our house at the time, and we would go and actually ride the elephants! And even now, if we go to a zoo, the first thing I look for are the elephants!

But seriously, what little kid can say the word “elephant”? So, in the eyes of a child, what is an elephants most outstanding feature? Its trunk!



The name of this blog, “Heidis Art Trunk” has several meanings. The first one being; trunks (aka elephants) are one of my favorite animals! (The other meanings are not related to this post and will described as they come up.) 🙂 


P.S. Dolphins, cheetah, dogs, and owls are my other favorite animals. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Ten Trunks in Ten Days

  1. I think you called them “trunks” because you got the name of their “nose” confused with the name of the animal. Anyway, I’m excited about your ten-day challenge. Can’t wait to see all the trunks!

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