Recap of the renaissance fair & the art behind it.

The renaissance fair I went to yesterday was SO much fun! I would recommend going to a renaissance fair at least once. It’s not for all people I must say. There is a lot of just walking around and mindless shopping. But it’s so amazing to see all of the beautiful costumes. The people there really get into character. Lots of “old english” being spoken. 🙂


As you can see, most everyone is in costume. There where pirates, royally, jokers, gypsies, fairies, towns people, knights, Celtics, elves, and there was even a baby dressed up as the most adorable dragon ever! There are a few people in just “normal cloths”. It’s funny how when you are at a renaissance fair and everyone is dressed up, how the people in “normal cloths” stand out. 🙂


And yes, there was actual jousting. (Little bit different then the picture I drew in the previous post.)  🙂 It was all rehearsed, so no body was hurt. But it was still super cool to watch!

The whole fair was really just one big pice of art. The art of dressing up. The art of talking old english. The art of acting old english. The artist skill of each and every booth selling there goods. The art of horse back riding. Even the art of food! All of that put together equaled the renaissance fair picture. And it was amazing!


2 thoughts on “Recap of the renaissance fair & the art behind it.

  1. Looks like there was some fun to be had! You are right, live art…art surrounds us in every aspect of our lives…I always think it odd when people say they don’t get art…it’s like saying you don’t get life.

    • We must be on the same brain wave length! I LOVE finding art in “ordinary day-to-day” stuff. Wether it be the mixture of colors in a soup, or a brick on the fireplace with a cool design. It’s so amazing to find beauty in it all. 🙂

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